LEADER cooperation project “Implementation of sustainable tourism development principles in national park/protected area regions”


14.08.2019, Wednesday
12.00 Arrival to Klaara-Manni Holiday and Conference Center
12.20 Opening
12.30 Lunch in Klaara-Manni
13.30 Presentation of two LEADER funded projects:
• Visiting Matogard OÜ
• Laane Stables – horseback riding
17.30 Hike in Soomaa National Park
19.00 Open-air dinner in Soomaa National Park
20.00 White night canoe safari in Soomaa National Park
23.00 Transfer back to accommodation
15.08.2019, Thursday
08.30 Breakfast
09.45 Local shop visit
10.20 Visiting Alpakafarm
12.00 Lunch in Mõisaköök
12.45 Transfer to Lahemaa National Park with guide
15.00 Arrival to Sagadi Manor
15.20 Coffee break
15.30 Seminar. Presentations from Sagadi Manor, Forest Museum and Nature School
16.40 Bus excursion in the area with guide
17.00 Visiting LEADER funded business Kuusiku Nature Farm
• Presentation of small sustainable tourism enterprise
• Coffee break, tasting of local organic food
• Workshop – craftmanship of solid woo spruce from different types of wood
18.30 Transfer back to Sagadi Manor
19.30 Dinner in Sagadi Manor, cultural program with joint marketing workshop
16.08.2019, Friday
08.00 Breakfast
09.00 Visiting Lahemaa National Park Visitor Centre in Palmse Manor
10.00 Bus excursion and guided tour in famous Viru Bog Nature Trail
12.00 Transfer with guide to Kuivoja Holiday Centre
12.30 Lunch and presentation of Kuivoja Holiday Centre, a LEADER funded family business
14.00 Transfer with guide to Hara Harbour
14.15 Presentation on fishing boat and coast of small sustainable tourism enterprise, Hara Submarine base; coffee break
17.15 Transfer with guide to Viinistu Cultural and Conference Centre
17.30 Presentation of the small enterprise Viinistu Cultural and Conference Centre and Art Museum
19.00 Dinner at Viinistu Beach Restaurant
20.00 Local folk music presentation
Transfer back to Sagadi manor
17.08.2019, Saturday
The breakfast is from 8 to 10 am.
Morning walk in beautiful Sagadi Manor.
Check-out from the hotel till 12 am.