Europe Horizon project “PREMIERE – preparing multi-actor projects in a co-creative way” GA no. 101086531

The purpose of the “PREMIERE Seed-Funding Initiative” is to support multi-actor organisations, e.g. EIP-AGRI Operational Groups, during Horizon Europe (HEU) proposal development phase targeting 2025-2026 calls.

This seed-funding aims to offer the initial financial support for up to € 6 000 for proposal development activities, such as attending consortium meetings, engaging stakeholders, building capacity, developing concept, drafting the proposal, etc. 

The initiative has a total budget of € 50 000, with each successful applicant receiving maximum of € 6 000. Additionally, funding recipients will benefit from the guidance of experienced proposal writers throughout the entire HEU proposal development process.

As a result of the PREMIERE Seed-Funding Initiative, a handbook on enhancing seed-funding programs will be published. The perspectives and feedback from applicants are integral to designing guidelines for future seed-funding programs for HEU.

  • The applicant must be an EIP-AGRI Operational Group or other multi-actor organisation consisting of at least two mutually independent parties
  • The applicant must be operating in an EU member state

Costs that are directly aimed at the preparation of the HEU project proposals (e.g. personnel costs, consultancy, accommodation and travel, communication expenses, training and capacity building, etc.)

Eligible expenses must be justified, clearly described in detail, economically viable, and necessary for the achievement of the objectives stated in the application.

Costs that are not directly related to the implementation of the activity (incl. investments in fixed assets, operational costs of the parties of the cooperation project, financial penalties, expenditure on scholarships, donations, mementos, prizes and gifts).

  • Each applicant is permitted to submit a maximum of one project proposal in the application round.
  • The applicant is expected to demonstrate a well-defined project concept for which seed-funding is being sought.
  • The funding recipient is committed to actively participate in the PREMIERE mentoring program, designed to provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the project implementation phase.
  • The seed-funding recipient agrees to document, evaluate and present their experience of the application writing process.
  • The seed funding recipient agrees to sign a contract with the coordinating organisation, Kodukant Läänemaa, to establish a clear framework for collaboration and delineate respective responsibilities. The contract contains the Agreement of Participation and Use of Data.

  • Clarity of the project activities and agenda
  • Clarity of the project budget and justification of costs
  • Applicant’s competence
  • National diversity of the consortium (bonus points are given to Merging innovators and Moderate Innovators according to European Innovation Scoreboard 2023 (Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Malta, Spain, Italy, Czechia, Slovenia, Estonia)